Public Art Philosophy

Public Art Philosophy

I believe that Public Art can be a powerful tool in society. It has the ability to transform the site and the viewer.

I design site-specific artwork so that it will contribute to the visual landscape and enhance its surroundings.

It is also important to develop public art using a collaborative approach that involves community participation. Involvement could take place during the stages of design, fabrication, installation or post-installation activities. Collaboration increases acceptance, pride and enthusiasm for the public art process and the final result. It also enables participants to work alongside professional artists and introduces opportunities for creativity.

Collaboration with the funding organization, site users and architects/construction team is also a vital part of the process. It enables an integrated approach and a successful outcome.

I find that public art should be personal, profound, satisfying, relative and inspiring. It should be able to instill wonder and curiosity. I believe that my artwork can be expressive, thought-provoking and have a positive impact on the site and the viewer.